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Steven Universe OC: Meet Moonstone and Sunstone by Vampiredoll172
Steven Universe OC: Meet Moonstone and Sunstone
Hello everyone I am back with a new OC 

Lately I have been getting into Steven Universe, which is a Kick-ass show full of great characters and the Feels. Being the curious girl I am, I went to look into the art of the fan base and not only did I find incredible fan art but also OCs of Gems or Gemsonas. Jumping the band wagon I went along with it too and made my own.

Since I love moon themes, which has has now been a common thing in my stories and drawing( that I am trying to fix) I went with the gem Moonstone and her partner Sunstone, there a third gem but right now I want to focus more on these two. In front of them is Steven,(I'm sorry to all steven fans for poorly drawing Steven) I drew the three this way as an introduction.

So the story is that Steven and Lion were playing outside the temple one day
(Note-This may contain spoilers so be aware, and this intro takes place sometime after the episode "Jailbreak")
Steven playing with Lion wondered if there were anymore nice gems out there other then the Crystal gems. Suddenly Lion reacts by pulling Steven into his mane and teleports him into the pocket dimension he has. Inside Steven a bit confused then again wonders to the small hill where Rose Quarts belongings are. Looking through them a bit more, inside the chest he found more items from his mother, and a well decorated box. Curious he took it and began to open until he started running out of breath. Running back into the field he leaps out gasping. After a moment he then looked back at the box, and opened it revealing inside two neatly placed gems.
Mesmerized by the gleam the gems hold, Steven wondered if they were like the Crystal gems, Jasper and Peridot or like the other corrupted gems they fought. Looking again at the box it looked a bit old, and had collected dust. Swiping the dirt away, Steven accidentally inhaled some and began to cough. From there he started to cough violently, as his spit sprayed on the gems. 
They began glow at that moment and floated away from the box. Steven calming down, noticed and started to freak out. Watching the gems, the glow from them changed form into a body. The shine then bursted and showed a girl and a boy. As the two open their eyes they shared the same confused look, while Steven again freaks out. 
As he calms down he then took the two to the Crystal Gems and explains his accident.

Sorry if the story seems lacking but I'm still planning the beginning but everything after is set. On to Character design; When making the two I wanted to look up the gems symbolism and it helped when thinking of a design. I actual made a sketch first of the two, but finalized the looks in this picture. For Moonstone, it is known as a feminine gem, so the concept I made was that she is girly and has a gentle demeanor. Sunstones are known as Strong and willingness, but I wanted him to be a serious and somewhat expressionless character. I don't really know if there is male gems(or if they will ever make an appearance in the show) but I'm gonna assume this thought until the show/creators further the Gem knowledge along with the show. Trust me I looked up this fact for a while, and there was some say that all Gems are mostly feminine and genderless but again until thing get more progressed in the series(this goes along with the ear thing).

I'm not gonna color this one since I haven't fully picked a color scheme for the two yet I might do a character concept for them later and put their profiles down along with.
(Note-I swear a bit in this, and its almost 1 am were I am, so I'm too tired to censor it at the moment. There are also spoilers about the series so if you have not seen it do not read any further.
Of course if your the type who does not give a shit about it read on.)

Okay I have to vent/rant right now. I'm so conflicted at the moment about the series called Brigadoon Marin to Melan. Its such an interesting story but the thing about it, is that the anime is different compared to the manga. I watched the Anime first, and there was so many feels during the show, plus the ending was complete icing on the cake. Then after many years, I finally got up to read the manga but compared to the anime it was different with how the story came out.

The ending though...That ending...That Fucking ending...Fucking pissed me off!!!!!!! 

I call fucking Bullshit on that manga ending like seriously for those who have seen this series you can probably see why I'm pissed! My god, compared to the anime and manga, I prefer the Anime since during some episodes they built on Marin and Melan's relationship that leads up to the final episode.

Manga ending:
Marin saves Earth and Brigadoon(yeah); she returns home but is only there to say her goodbyes as the small window between worlds is open for a short time. Everyone(Adoptive family, and friends) happy she has found her biological family gives they're consent for her to live on Brigadoon despite it will be 100 years until they meet again. Marin then decides to stay on earth with her adopted family. As she says goodbye to her Brigadoon mother, Maureen; Melan her protector robot, who has been by her side the entire series, at that point realizes his feelings for her. Having a bittersweet goodbye, Marin tells she loves him. They then leave to return to Brigadoon as the portal between worlds closes and does not open until 100 years later. 
(Sucky Bulllshit ending WTF#$%^&*(FTW)(*&^%$#$%^&*)

Anime ending:
Marin saves Earth and Brigadoon(different action compared to the manga) Marin and Melan return to earth and everything goes back to normal. But the portal between worlds is closing and Melan must return back to Brigadoon. At that point he admits he loves Marin and he will never forget her after a 100 years. Marin asking for him to stay then tells she too loves him as well. Crying for him to stay, Melan unable to hold back his over flowing tears, leans down as Marin pushes forward and the 2 kiss(Watch the ending its more magical then how I write it. Be prepared there will be tears TTTT-TTTT)
Plus there may be people who criticize on the obvious reasons as to why those 2 are not meant to be but this is my opinion so please don't flame on me about it.

Anyway this is just a rant on how upset I am about the manga version of this series. But again I call Bullshit it on it.


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